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Rep. Meeks Issues Statement on Dr. Ford & Kavanaugh Hearing

September 27, 2018
Press Release


Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Gregory W. Meeks issued the following statement regarding Dr. Ford and Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee:

“Dr. Ford’s heartbreaking testimony today before the Senate Judiciary Committee was patriotic and brave, and will no doubt inspire sexual assault victims across the country to speak out and have their stories heard.

“Unfortunately, as was evident leading up to today, a majority of Senate Republicans made up their mind before the hearing was even gaveled in. Republicans have said Ford’s allegations are uncorroborated, yet they’ve failed to subpoena Mike Judge for sworn testimony. Republicans have said there is a lack of evidence and too much partisanship, yet they refused to initiate a neutral and independent FBI investigation. Between Ford and Kavanaugh, only one submitted to a lie detector test, only one called for an FBI investigation. Dr. Ford has willingly subjected herself to any and all avenues for verifying her account, whereas Kavanaugh, when asked whether there should be an FBI investigation, has repeatedly refused to answer that question.

“In the face of Ford’s credible testimony, Republicans have resorted to petulant grief about process or thin attacks on her credibility. Despite their attempts to frame this as a trial, this was not a criminal process. The standard of evidence required here is not that of a court room. This was a hearing to determine whether there is sufficient doubt about the character of Kavanaugh. In refusing Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick’s testimony, in refusing to subpoena Mike Judge and launch an FBI investigation, Republicans have demonstrated a complete disregard for the facts, and a recklessly political push to rush a vote and suppress the truth.”