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Meeks Issues Statement on SCOTUS Janus Ruling

June 27, 2018

Washington, DC - Today, U.S. Representative Gregory W. Meeks (NY-05) issued the following statement regarding the Supreme Court's ruling on Janus case:

"Today's decision by the Supreme Court is a victory for Right to Work groups, it is a victory for Republicans who stole President Obama's Supreme Court nomination, but it is a resounding loss for American workers. Under this ruling, teachers, firefighters, and all public service workers will have less of a voice in determining the conditions in which they work.

"The Janus decision will inevitably undermine unions from exercising their right to collective bargaining by hurting them financially. Coupled with last month's Supreme Court decision, allowing employers to deny workers their due day in court through class-action waivers in arbitration agreements, workers are more vulnerable today than they were prior to Neil Gorsuch's appointment. These are two in a long list of rulings decided by a conservative activist bench, keen on surrendering Americans' rights to special interests.

"Unions built the middle class, which has long symbolized the American dream. They secured workers' rights, which all workers, union or non-union, benefit from today. Those rights today are under siege, and now, more than ever, we must stand by our workers and our unions."