Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q: How do I find out how Congressman Meeks voted on legislation I am interested in?

A: Finding Congressman Meeks' voting record is easy. Simply use the Library of Congress’ website, or go to the How I Voted tab to the left. You can search by the bill’s name, number, or keywords to see how Congressman Meeks voted on a particular piece of legislation, or you can search by his name to see the bills he has sponsored.

If you have any questions about the Congressman’s voting record, please feel free to contact any one of the offices listed below.

Q: What can the Congressman do for me?

A: The Congressman can help constituents with a federal issue, such as a missing social security check, an immigration question, or a veteran’s affairs issue.

Q: What the Congressman cannot do for me?

A: The Congressman cannot intercede in any matter before any courts. The Congressman cannot intercede in any state, city, county, or municipal government issue.

Q: Can the Congressman help me with a problem I am having with a federal agency?

A: The Congressman can help with any problems New York residents may have with federal agencies, including problems with Social Security, labor issues, housing, passports, veterans affairs, and immigration. Please contact the District Office at (718) 725-6000 .

Q: What Congressional District do I live in?

A: To find out whether or not you live in Congressman Meeks' district, simply log-on to  and enter your zip code.

Q: I am going to visit Washington, D.C. Can Congressman Meeks assist me with tickets for tours of the Capitol, White House, and other interesting attractions?

A: Of course. Please check out the “Visiting Washington DC” page on this website, or contact the Congressman’s Washington, D.C. office at (202) 225-3461 for more information about the tours his office can set-up for you and your family while you’re visiting our nation’s capital.

Q: How can I let Congressman Meeks know my feelings on issues and legislation?

A: Representing your interests in Congress is Congressman Meeks' number one priority. You can email him your questions, comments, and concerns, or you can contact any of the three offices listed below.

Q: How can I get a flag flown over the U.S. Capitol?

A: Congressman Meeks is proud to offer United States flags at a nominal fee as a service to his constituents. At your request, he can even have your flag flown over the U.S. Capitol. To order a flag, please contact the Congressman’s Washington D.C. office at (202) 225-3461, or go to the flag section of this website.

Q: Does the Congressman offer internships in his New York and Washington, D.C. offices?

A: Yes, Congressman Meeks offers internships in all of his offices for undergraduate and graduate students as well as for recent graduates. For more information, please visit the internship section of this website, or contact the office at which you would be interested in serving as an intern.

Q: How can I request a meeting with the Congressman or invite him to attend my event?

A: For scheduling requests for events or meetings in New York, please contact the Congressman’s District Office at (718) 725-6000 , or fax your requests to (718) 725-9868.

Q: I have sent Congressman Meeks a letter with my thoughts on an issue. How long will it be until I can expect a response?

A: As you might imagine, Congressman Meeks receives a large volume of mail and email. He does his very best to personally respond to each letter he receives as quickly as possible, but his response times can vary. Please allow up to four to six weeks to hear back from him.

Q: How can I find out when the Congressman’s next town hall meeting or public appearance will be in my community?

A: Congressman Meeks makes it a point to visit every community in New York’s Fifth District. To learn when his next town hall meeting or public appearance will be, click here or call the Congressman’s District Office at (718) 725-6000 .

Congressman Meeks' Congressional Offices:

Washington DC Office
2342 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202/225-3461
Fax 202/226-4169

Jamaica District Office
153-01 Jamaica Avenue 2nd floor
Jamaica, New York 11432
Phone 718/725-6000
Fax 718/725-9868