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Congressman Gregory W. Meeks Applauds Record Breaking Achievements for 111th Congress

June 7, 2010
Press Release

(WASHINGTON, DC)– The 111th Congress has focused on America’s hardworking middle class families by creating jobs, closing tax loopholes that send jobs overseas, helping small businesses and responsibly reducing the deficit. Below are highlights that have made this Congress one of the most productive Congresses in history.

AMERICAN RECOVERY AND REINVESTMENT ACT, enacted in the first month of President Obama’s term, to jumpstart our economy, create and save 3.5 million jobs, give 95% of American workers a tax cut, and begin to rebuild America’s road, rail, and water infrastructure, with unprecedented accountability. (Signed into Law)

STUDENT AID & FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY ACT, making the largest investment in college aid in history – increasing Pell Grants, making college loans more affordable, and strengthening community colleges – while reducing the federal deficit by ending wasteful student loan subsidies to banks. (Signed into Law)

HIRE ACT, creating 300,000 jobs with tax incentives for businesses hiring unemployed Americans and to spur small business investment, and unleashing investments to rebuild infrastructure. (Signed into Law)

CASH FOR CLUNKERS, jump-starting the U.S. auto industry, with consumer incentives for trading in an old vehicle for one with higher fuel efficiency—spurring the sale of 700,000 vehicles. (Signed into Law)

WORKER, HOMEOWNERSHIP & BUSINESS ASSISTANCE ACT, boosting the economy with emergency aid for the unemployed, the 1st-time homebuyer tax credit, and tax relief for struggling businesses. (Signed into Law)

AMERICAN JOBS & CLOSING TAX LOOPHOLES, to prevent corporations from shipping jobs overseas at taxpayer expense, make Wall Street billionaires pay a fair tax on their income, and create jobs through R&D, small businesses, middle class tax relief, infrastructure, and summer jobs for youth. (Passed House & Senate)

HEALTH INSURANCE REFORM, landmark legislation putting American families and small business owners—not the insurance companies—in control of their own health care; lowering costs for middle class and small business; expanding health insurance for 32 million Americans; strengthening Medicare and lowering prescription drug costs; creating up to 4 million jobs; and reducing deficit by largest amount in almost two decades. (Signed into law)
HEALTH CARE FOR 11 MILLION CHILDREN, providing cost-effective health coverage for 4 million more children and preserve coverage for 7 million children already enrolled. (Signed into Law)
FDA REGULATION OF TOBACCO, including advertising, marketing, and manufacturing of tobacco products, the #1 cause of preventable U.S. death. (Signed into Law)

FOOD SAFETY, to better protect our food supply to address food-borne illness outbreaks. (Passed by House)

AMERICAN CLEAN ENERGY & SECURITY ACT, historic legislation to create millions of American jobs; reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil; cut carbon pollution; keep costs low for Americans. (Passed by House)
OMNIBUS PUBLIC LAND MANAGEMENT, the most significant conservation bill in 15 years. (Signed into Law)

BUDGET BLUEPRINT, creating jobs with investments in health care, clean energy and education; cutting taxes for most Americans by $1.5 trillion; cutting Bush deficit by more than half by 2013. (Action Completed)

STATUTORY PAY-AS-YOU-GO, restoring 1990s law that turned record deficits into surpluses; Congress must offset new policies that reduce revenues or expand entitlements. (Signed into Law)

WALL STREET REFORM & CONSUMER PROTECTION, historic reforms to end taxpayer-funded bailouts and ‘too big to fail’ financial institutions, and protect consumers from predatory lending and other financial abuses. (Passed by House & Senate)

CREDIT CARDHOLDERS’ BILL OF RIGHTS, providing tough new protections for consumers—including banning unfair rate increases, abusive fees, and penalties—and strengthening enforcement. (Signed into Law)

DEFENSE PROCUREMENT REFORM, cracking down on Pentagon waste and cost overruns. (Signed into Law)

LILLY LEDBETTER FAIR PAY, restoring rights of women and others to challenge unfair pay. (Signed into Law)
VETERANS HEALTH CARE BUDGET REFORM & TRANSPARENCY ACT, ensuring reliable and timely veterans health care funding by authorizing Congress to approve VA medical care a year in advance. (Signed into Law)
FY 2010 DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION, authorizing 3.4% troop pay raise, strengthening military readiness and military families support, focusing our strategy in Afghanistan and redeployment from Iraq. (Signed into Law) 

CAREGIVERS & VETERANS OMNIBUS HEALTH SERVICES, landmark legislation providing help to caregivers of disabled, ill or injured veterans, and improving VA health care services for women veterans. (Signed into Law)