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Congressman Gregory W. Meeks Announces the Launch of the Bipartisan Caucus on U.S.-Russia Trade and Economic Relations

September 21, 2011
Press Release

Congressman Gregory W. Meeks (NY) announced the launch of the bipartisan Caucus on U.S.-Russia Trade and Economic Relations.  The compelling motivation for convening the Caucus was Mr. Meeks’ conviction that deepening the U.S.-Russia economic relationship would lead to jobs and economic growth, at home, and goodwill on both sides of the ocean.

Caucus members intend to explore and create opportunities to strengthen ties between U.S. and Russian business, commercial, and financial entities.  Russia is currently the tenth largest economy in the world, with one of the fastest growing import markets, averaging a 20% annual increase over the past decade; yet, Russia ranks only 32st for U.S. exports.  Ramping up to meet Russia’s consumer appetite will generate benefits that will redound to U.S. entrepreneurs, investors, and the American workforce.

One of the most significant, recent accomplishments in the U.S. foreign policy agenda has been the improvement of America’s relations with Russia.  While neither President Obama nor President Medvedev ignores the significant points where respective policies diverge, they have identified common ground of where our interests converge, and they are building a record of constructive engagement and accomplishments.  The results include coordination on Iran and counterterrorism, consultations on Libya and Syria, a new treaty on nuclear disarmament, and a tentative agreement to cooperate on a missile shield.  In recent months, the United States and Russia have concluded agreements on cooperation on adoption of children, on visa issuance, and on air navigation, and an agreement on disposal of weapons grade plutonium has entered into force.  This historic cooperation moves our two nations along the path toward the goal of global security and peace.