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Congressman Gregory W. Meeks’ Statement on Bill to Implement Mitt Romney’s Idea to Benefit Women and Minorities

January 21, 2012
Press Release

  JAMAICA, NY-- Congressman Gregory W. Meeks (NY-6), Senior Member of the House Financial Services Committee and House Foreign Affairs Committee, released the following statement on his H.R. 3791 bill to implement Mitt Romney’s Idea to Benefit Women and Minorities:

In 1994, Mitt Romney advocated for putting pressure on public companies to benefit women and minorities, stating: ‘I believe that public companies… should be required to report in their annual 10K the number of minorities and women by income group across the company, so we can identify where the glass ceiling is and break through it.  And I think that the market of America will say ‘that company has not promoted women has not promoted minorities’ and will put pressure on American corporations and agencies to respond."

“It is heartening to note that Governor Romney recognized the lack of opportunity and the unlevel playing field that women and minorities face in the employment market.  While Governor Romney and Republicans have often said one thing and done another, Romney’s proposal to, in his words ‘pressure,’ American corporations to respond to inequality deserves consideration.  That is why I have introduced H.R. 3791."

“My bill, following Governor Romney’s logic, requires the United States Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to issue rules to require public companies to disclose pay brackets within the company, and the number of women and minorities that fall within each bracket."

“I believe House Republicans should move forward expeditiously with this bill whose foundation originates from their party’s presidential frontrunner, so that we can break through the glass ceiling and help minorities and women achieve their full potential.” [End]