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Rep. Meeks Criticizes Trump’s Budget

May 23, 2017
Press Release
“President Trump continually breaks his promises to hard-working Americans and this budget is no exception..."


Rep. Meeks Criticizes Trump’s Proposed Budget

Washington, D.C.—Congressman Meeks released the following statement on President Trump’s budget proposal:

“President Trump continually breaks his promises to hard-working Americans and this budget is no exception. He pledged to not cut Medicaid, but his budget shrinks it by $1.4 trillion. He swore he would protect everyone, but he’s cutting Children’s Health Insurance Programs. He promised to strengthen the middle-class, but he’s hollowing it out. In fact, the President’s misguided budget only helps one group: Trump’s ultra-wealthy friends who will receive massive tax cuts.

“Under Trump’s proposed budget, America’s future looks dimmer, not brighter. The President wants to critically slash student loans, ravage social programs, reduce tax cuts for the middle class, and promote environmental pollution. Horrifyingly, this budget also zeroes out the decades-old and proven Community Development Block Grant program, which has helped many underserved communities advance. This budget makes clear that President Trump is eager to widen the gap between the billionaires and everyone else.  

"As if darkening our domestic outlook were not enough, President Trump proposes massive cuts to the State Department, severely undermining our leadership role and our diplomatic capacity. America’s might rests not only in its admirable military, but also in the deftness of its diplomats; for we are strongest when we forge partnerships and engage with other countries. We can best prevent conflicts and defuse crises when we work with our allies and pressure bad actors together.

“I fiercely oppose this budget because of all the damage it would exact.”